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Many piles of stones and a heck of a lot of vulnerable glazing
Just how far does Ed Miliband take the Andy Coulson issue? Or the issue of total transparency in dealings with the media? Could his campaign backfire on Labour and straitjacket future administrations? By Rory Baxter

Opening up public services – are the cracks widening?
There has been a disappointing lack of response or comment to the White Paper on public sector reform but this is important stuff, writes Daniel Rankine

Phone hacking scandal – the threat to a free press
Do we now face a choice between a corrupt government with a free press or an honest government with a corrupt press, asks London Press Club deputy chairman Martyn Bond

Hey, Prime Minister, weren't you friends with these people?
The discussions about the Murdoch empire and Cameron following the 'phone hacking allegations do not represent serious debate, they are more about payback and political points scoring, and people who claim to hold the high ground morally really should do better. By Rory Baxter

That's nice, but where have you been for the last 13 years?
It is a difficult period when the opposition appears to be highlighting its own failures every time it points out the coalition's – maybe it will take a second term in opposition for Labour to be able to make credible criticisms. By Rory Baxter

They would say that wouldn't they?
A Unison survey says that over half of all local authorities have considered bringing services outsourced to the private sector back in-house. Blair McPherson looks behind the spin and propaganda

Is a collective defence capacity in Europe inevitable?
The US warns Europe it could be abandoned if defence spending keeps shrinking and, yet, Turkey's sizeable army remains outside the EU - writes Dean Carroll

Democratic regulation – of private providers of public services
If private and non-profit providers are to be encouraged into health then they should be subject to 'democratic regulation' – complete transparency and strong public involvement in deciding prices and quality of services, writes Colin Talbot

Working for Patients?
The essence of the argument put forward by Lansley and Co. is that GPs are best placed to 'work for patients' and translate this, via purchasing, into the correct structuring of the NHS. Colin Talbot is not so sure

Too old to rock and roll ...?
Redundancies and redeployment present a challenge to the over 50s. One minute you are fielding phone calls from head hunters for top jobs, the next you're trying to demonstrate you still have the drive and energy for a post in the new structure, writes Blair McPherson

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