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Police: Twitter helped stop riot rumours | 19 August 2011
South Yorkshire Police Authoirty call on government to avoid 'knee jerk' reactions over social networks

Removing rioters' benefits 'perverse' | 19 August 2011
Forming policy from an e-petition on removing benefits from riot criminals could be 'perverse', warns David Blunkett

Prisons ''could be full within a month'' | 19 August 2011
Ministry of Justice denies Prison Governors Association's claim that the prison system ''could be in trouble''

IT puts troops' supplies at 'critical risk' | 19 August 2011
IT systems which run the MoD's supply chain are at 'critical risk of failure', says the Commons Public Accounts Committee

PFI – ''we can't carry on like this'' | 19 August 2011
Treasury Committee says there is no evidence of savings and efficiencies during the lifetime of any PFI projects

Andrea Hill's departure cost Suffolk £350k | 19 August 2011
Suffolk County Council has revealed that the departure of its chief executive has cost it £347,768

Lockerbie bomber 'could live for years' | 19 August 2011
Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is probably being kept alive by pills not available in the UK – and could live for years

New team to head tram project | 19 August 2011
A new management company has been brought in to take control of Edinburgh's trouble-hit trams project

Willetts: ''No scramble for uni places'' | 18 August 2011
Government says it's roughly the same as last year as the number of A-level passes rises for the 29th year in a row

Unis ''will drop £9k fees in two years'' | 18 August 2011
The Higher Education Policy Institute predicts that the average fee will come down to £7,500

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