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Issue Contents Foreword
Spring 2001 Romano Prodi
Public Service Review
European Union

The review will give a balanced view of the alternative methods of procurement across the European Union. It will look at a variety of issues affecting the public sector throughout Europe.

The Review is distributed free of charge, by name, to individuals within Government departments, Directorates and Agencies in the regional & central governments of the 15 member states:-

Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Luxembourg • Netherlands • Portugal • Spain • Sweden • United Kingdom

The distribution list includes:-

All Government Ministers • Chief Executives • Finance Directors • Senior Civil Servants • Senior Executive Officers • Procurement Managers • IT/IS Managers • Policy Units • Communication Managers

The document will also be sent directly to key individuals within the following Institutions of the European Union:-

European Parliament • Council of the European Union • European Commission • Court of Justice • Court of Auditors • European Investment Bank • Economic and Social Committee • Committee of the Regions • European Ombudsman • European Central Bank

Leading private sector organisations and associations from the following key industry areas will be on the distribution database and will contribute to the content:-

Finance • Law • IT • Communications • FM • Construction • Agriculture • Business Services • Health • Environment • Transport • Human Resources