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Public Service Review - European Union
Spring 2001

Contents | Foreword


Pensions across Europe
Anna Diamantopoulou, Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs tells Public Service Review
about the need to work to achieve common goals in pension policy.

Investing in Scotland
Angus MacKay, Minister for Finance and local Government in the Scottish Executive tells Public
Service Review about the importance of European investment in Scotland.

Investing in Europe
Max Messner of the European Investment Bank discusses project financing in the candidate
countries of Central Europe.

Success of British companies in Europe
Keith Vaz, Minister for Europe, discusses the importance of the European Union for successful business.

Modernising government through procurement methods
Andrew Watson, Government Procurement Card Relationship Manager explains the benefits of the GPC.

Europe growing old
Simon Gentry, Head of European Affairs, Association of British Insurers, tells Public Service Review
about the importance of Europe for pension companies.

Getting in together in Europe
In a recent speech to the European Commission's Internal Audit Service, Graham Ward, the Institute
of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales puts the case for international accounting standards.

Erkki Liikanen explains the European Union's attempt to become the most competitive knowledge
based economy in the world.

Buying online across Europe
Diana Wailis MEP discusses purchasing over the internet and EU moves to manage this expanding
area of business.

Security of electronic information
Steve Godfrey, Secure Product Solutions Business Manager at Compaq discusses the need to keep
information secure

E-Commerce - overcoming consumer fears
Bernard Vergnes of Microsoft discusses the importance of online security for the development of

Best Practice in Procurement - a tall order for government
Ciaran Fitzpatrick, procurement specialist, tells Public Service Review about the issues involved in
Best Practice.

The digital trinity
Computers increasingly dominate business and politics. Peter Hbjerback argues that biometrics PKI
and smart cards are the way forward for security and convenience.

Communicating across Europe
Ranko Pinter of ETSI Project TETRA Working Group discusses the advances in communications

New broadband services ahead as EU passes groundbreaking telecoms Legislation
As the EU prepares for unbundling the local loop Nicholas Clegg MEP tells Public Service Review
about the benefits to consumers and business

International police co-operation and new technologies
David Valls-Russell Deputy Director of Europol tells Public Service Review about the technology
involved in cross border policing.

Calling Europe
With call centres becoming increasingly important, the European Union will need to keep up as
Sophic Métro from FEDMA explains.

Relocating regional call centres
Christina Knutsson tells Public Service Review why the pan-European model is a thing of the past.

Call on us
Leslie Ross, Chief Executive of Industrial Development Board for Northern Ireland tells Public Service
Review about call centres in Northern Ireland.

Military Satcoms on tap with PFI
As satellites become more advanced so will the potential for co-operation grow, Hilary Mathews of
Astrium discusses the progress being made.

Archives sans frontieres
George P MacKenzic of National Archives of Scotland discusses the development of the European
Archives Network.

New finance model for an historic site
The British Embassy in Berlin was an ambitious but ultimately successful PFI project, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office describes the procedure.

Where is Facilities Management heading?
Facilities Management is a growing industry, lan Fielder, Chairman of the British Institute of Facilities
Management talks about the future.

DECS as PPP Projects
David Hatficid, DECS Programme Delivery Director, discusses the DLO's experince of PPP.

Renewable Energy in Europe
With the environment high on the world agenda, Erly McNally President of EUFORES, talks about the
importance of renewable energy.

Renewables for the future*
Mike Brook of the Department of Trade and Industry describes ALTENER 11.

Building noise maps
Hardy Stapelfeldt, Manager of Stapelfeldt lngenicurgeselischaft discusses the issues involved in
Noise Mapping.

Mobility with reduced environmental costs
Clir Baroness Scott of Needham Market introduces Public Service Review to transport issues
across Europe.

Keeping Europe Moving
The European Union Road Federation actively promotes the maintenance of European roads; here
Richard Lax explains the issues involved.

Building a European rail system
Anna Ottavianelli, Secretary General of the Community of European Railways discusses the reform of
EU transport regulations.

Tramway to solve city transport blues
Ruth Pavans from ALSTOM takes a trip on CITADIS, Montpellier's exciting Tramway system.