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Public Service Review - European Union
Spring 2003

Contents | Foreword



Challenges and priorities for the Greek EU Presidency
Tassos Giannitsis assesses the Greek contribution to the Presidency of the European Union


Advantages of the EU Company Statute
Frits Bolkestein, Commissioner for Internal Markets, highlights the positives of a new EU Statute law

Economic review
UNICE's Secretary General, Philippe de Buck, assesses Europe's economic performance

The right strategy for venture capital activities
Francis Carpenter, Chief Executive with the EIF, looks at partnerships supporting innovation in Europe


A brighter future for procurement in Europe
Steven P Norris, with the DLA, examines the changing nature of PPPs in the EU

Efficient and modern public transport
Kieran Preston, Director General of Metro, reviews the development of the Leeds Supertram


Producer responsibility for electrical waste
Roberto Ferrigno, EU Policy Unit Co-ordinator, looks at EU legislation relating to waste

What energy policy for South East Europe?
Emmanuel Bergasse, from the International Energy Agency, advocates new energy policies


Meeting Europe's employment targets
Anna Diamantopoulou, EU Commissioner, looks at unemployment in the EU

Prognosis is good for new health insurance card
Public Service Review updates the proposals regarding the European health insurance card


A space agency for Europe
Jean-Pol Poncelet, from the ESA, highlights the growing awareness of space technologies

A European laboratory with a global vocation
James Gillies discusses the work of one of the most prestigious research centres in the world


Innovative forms of partnership
Adam Ingram explains the important role that PPPs have in the delivery of defence services

The long road to union
Commissioner Chris Patten reflects on the major foreign policy issues currently facing the EU

Bridging the accountability gap
Professor Patricia Chilton details a project examining democratic accountability within the EU


Civil aviation security: the big picture
Philippe Hamon addresses the prevailing concerns regarding airport security


The Information Society in Ireland
Mary Hanafin T.D. details the developing 'Knowledge Society' in Ireland

Meeting the challenge
Douglas Alexander looks at the British Government's plans for electronic delivery of services

The background of IDA
Public Service Review examines how technology can deliver joined-up thinking with e-government

Breaking the barriers
Georg C F Greve, with the Free Software Foundation, advocates the free use of software

Open Source Software - destroying the myths
Graham Taylor, from OpenForum Europe, highlights the developments with Open Source Software

e-Government on demand
Hans Ulrich Maerki, with IBM, examines the e-government revolution

A German perspective to e-government
Public Service Review looks at new technologies, in the German region of Hohlenlohe-Franken

Where is Linux heading?
Dr Joseph Reger, with Fujitsu Siemens Computers, introduces an IT system that will save money across Europe


e-Science developments in the UK
Tony Hey and Anne E Trefethen highlight the potential of e-science developments in the UK

Promoting Grid computing in Europe
Karl Solchenbach, Secretary of the UNICORE Forum, highlights the advances in Grid technology

From web to Grid
Professor Steve Lloyd discusses the development of a Grid large enough to accommodate future scientific data streams

A European perspective for research
Michael Wilson advances the need to foster a collaborative spirit within the EU


Education and cultural policies for all
Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Education, looks at the challenge shaping an educational and cultural policy

Going the distance with e-learning
Professor Maria Amata Garito highlights the functions of the distance university

European portal to active collaboration in e-learning
Wim Van Petegam, Treasurer of EuroPACE, looks at using technology as an aid to lifelong learning

CELEBRATING e-learning in schools
Jim Ayre points the way to increasing learning opportunities for young Europeans


Effective communication with technology
Anastasios Patrikakos looks at the increased recognition of the Greek language within the EU

Accelerating broadband in Europe
Erkki Liikanen, Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society, details the growing awareness of broadband in the EU

Setting the standard for the emergency number
Jan Malenstein looks at enhancing the usability of the European emergency number, 112

Optimising the authority communications
Tapio Mäkinen highlights the communications solutions available for public safety organisations


On course for eEurope deadline
Arthur van Veen looks at the key steps being made to implement the eEurope Action Plan