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There are currently 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK, costing society over 23 billion per annum - twice the cost of cancer. With this number predicted to rise to over a million people by 2021, there is no denying the extent of the problem and the need for committed focus in tackling the issues.

Dementia care gets a £50m boost
The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced funding to create care environments

Social care cash cuts could hit hospitals
If funding for social care is cut back, people may have no option but to use hospital care, says study

Patients ''suffer from ward round neglect''
''We underestimate the importance of ward rounds for patients,'' admits Royal College of Physicians

Most cancers are diagnosed via A&E
More than 70 per cent of central nervous system cancers in over-70s are discovered in A&E

Alzheimer's plea: ''Please don't give up''
There are fears that research into treatments for the disease will be scaled down after recent failures


''The NHS desperately needs a Labour win in 2015,'' says shadow health secretary Andy Burnham''The NHS desperately needs a Labour win in 2015''
Now more than ever, the health service needs folk with the faith to fight for it and Labour is its best hope, indeed its only hope, the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham told the Labour party conference. Here is his speech

Dementia – most feared, most costly
Early diagnosis of dementia is vital to help people get access to the right information and support, says Andrew Chidgey of the Alzheimer's Society, who will chair Public Service Events' Dementia 2012 conference

Lazy, incompetent and overpaid – but having to apply for my own job..?
MPs think that public sector workers don't work hard enough, take too many days holidays, have too much time off sick and retire too early. Blair McPherson asks where these myths come from