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Passport IT system over ran by hundreds of millions

Passport IT system over ran by hundreds of millions
Government passport IT system costs more than four times original estimates, at £365m, has learned

Byles hacking ''could have political edge''

Tom Watson fears email hacking scandal

Move to help eurozone is good, by George

Communities ''threatened'' by police cuts


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Savage or safe? Either way, reforms demand attention

Can public services cope with the break-neck pace of change imposed by the coalition government? Can reforms be delivered in a way that improves rather than hinders services? Tom Gash considers the odds

Taking a closer look at plans for public service reform

The lukewarm reaction to the Public Services White Paper was probably because the government had already announced most of its public sector reforms. But should it be put on a shelf or should its contents be scrutinised? Simon Parker plumps for the latter

Be careful what you wish for

In an age of localism, central government has shed its powers over social care at a pace. Some providers will continue to perform exceptionally, regardless of the regime, but what does government do about those who fail to come up to scratch?


Procurement in the NHS

This event will help delegates to understand the changes taking place and how to deliver the procurement savings that are needed if NHS services are to be maintained.


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