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Piles of benefits ''were paid out wrongly''

Piles of benefits ''were paid out wrongly''
£2m of incapacity benefit went to people with haemorrhoids, £3.8m for sleeping problems and £17m for mood disorders

HMIC – police sharing more services

No 'agreed position' on Birmingham IT offshoring

Head injury dementia link

MPs launch cyber crime inquiry


Savage or safe? Either way, reforms demand attention

Can public services cope with the break-neck pace of change imposed by the coalition government? Can reforms be delivered in a way that improves rather than hinders services? Tom Gash from considers the odds

IT should be embraced in the public sector

IT isn't just a support function

People expect conveniences afforded by technology in their public services, and harnessing IT can reduce costs for the taxpayer. But progress is lagging and there is scope to do considerably more, writes Emma Watkins from the CBI

A winning sequence?

Researchers from the Sanger institute explain the role of genetics in the battle against Malaria

Studying towards stability

Director of the US NIMH Thomas R Insel highlights the importance of mental health research

Crime will rise says Simon Reed from the Police Federation of England and Wales

'Crime will rise due to the scale of police cuts'

Police forces will struggle to cope with 34,000 job cuts, and crime will 'almost inevitably' rise, writes Simon Reed, vice chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales