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Greater Manchester councils sidestep cap

Greater Manchester councils sidestep cap
Exploiting a loophole will enable them to impose increases of 3.7 per cent and 3.5 per cent respectively

Up to 70,000 Romanians/Bulgarians due

Cuts will ''imprison'' disabled at home

Variation in dementia diagnosis ''unacceptable''

Break up the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust


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Larry Gardiner has been living with the effects of vascular dementia since he was 50

A life worth living – with dementia

With more people living with dementia, society needs to adopt a new set of values including acceptance and allowing those with dementia to have a voice, Public Service Events' Dementia – a National Crisis conference heard. Dr Theresa Baxter reports

Removing the barriers

Many will argue that now is not the time to take risks, but it is vital government invests in its number one priority – an environment in which innovation can create long-term sustainable growth, says Stian Westlake, executive director for policy and research at Nesta

Why all major projects are in difficulty...

It would be a miracle if all government's big projects progressed to completion says BL Surveyors - Party Wall Specialists and on budget, Stephen Mitchell, deputy director of the Major Projects Authority (MPA) at the Cabinet Office, told the Managing Change conference. David Allaby reports


Later Life

Our duty to older people as a society extends beyond the defined remit of health and social care into a wider culture change: an increased recognition of all that the elderly have to offer.


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