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London estates to get heat from rubbish
Southwark Council will supply heating and hot water to residents from waste that can't be recycled

Identifying ethical and licensed waste collection companies has never been more important
Those looking to declutter their home, office or commercial property have always wanted to save on time and save on cost. However, a keen eye must be kept on how your waste is being disposed of (this is especially important for businesses). Hiring a licensed and ethical London rubbish disposal company has never been more important. Make sure you and your waste disposal processes helps keep our areas clean.

Waste processing bid loser goes to court
High Court asked to decide on £1.2bn contract for processing Merseyside waste in Teesside

We should look at a Chinese lanterns ban
The fire at Smethwick has involved over 200 firefighters, 11 of whom have been treated for injuries

Families affected by cuts to be given work
The first 31 recruits start this month in full- or part-time jobs, says Greenwich council

LGA: People don't want weekly bin rounds
Eric Pickles says that over 6m families will now have a weekly bin service thanks to £250m funding


Spend wisely and society benefits, says Holbrook
It will take time and effort to embed social value in commissioning, but throughout the journey we must not lose sight of what is at the core of the Social Value Act – spending money from the public purse more wisely so that society profits while business is being done

Council's bin survey asks: ''Are you gay?''
Managers have only themselves to blame for being ridiculed in the national press after putting sexual orientation in a questionnaire asking people how they dispose of their rubbish, writes Blair McPherson

John TizardCollaborating across sectors for better outcomes
New ideas, ground breaking policies and leading-edge practice are needed to transform public services that meet people's needs and give them real choice, writes John Tizard, director of Collaborate

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