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Councils warn of housing bubble danger
Local government leaders have today warned the government that it risks creating another devastating 'bubble' in the housing market unless it does more to stimulate housebuilding.

New build plan ''shuns renewable energy''
The government's suggestion of scrapping the 2008 Planning and Energy Act ''quite simply beggars belief and must be dropped''

Public sector job vacancies are ''surging''
Marketing vacancies in the public sector have increased by 45.8 per cent and accounting and finance by 99.5 per cent

National housing standards ''hit councils''
Town and Country Planning Association has concerns about the new national housing standards consultation

''Let councils solve the housing problem''
The Treasury should remove its house building block and let us get on with it, says the Local Government Association

Hire chartered building and party wall surveyors for best results
London is home to a huge range of building and property consultants and it is important to stress that hiring only qualified professionals (like these chartered building and party wall surveyors London) will lead to considerably better results.


When changing the way you work really does improve outcomes
Research into procurement in the social housing sector is proving that adopting a new, business-like approach can make a huge difference, writes Kirsty Bower, head of procurement at housing association Affinity Sutton

Shane BruhnsImproving supply chain management – it's in the cards
Some local authorities have made savings of almost £230,000 a year and reduced the cost of a transaction from £5.60 to 25p since introducing procurement cards, writes Shane Bruhns, chief executive of Spendvision

Liam FoxImmigration should not be used to create division and fear
Labour shamefully and deliberately used immigration as a social engineering tool to push for multiculturalism but alienated swathes of white working-class people in the process, says Liam Fox

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