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Communities and Local Government

Communities and Local Government works to create thriving, sustainable, vibrant communities that improve everyone's quality of life. To achieve this we:
  • build homes and tackle homelessness
  • improve local public services
  • regenerate areas
  • work to produce a sustainable environment
  • tackle anti-social behaviour and extremism
Communities and Local Government sets policy on local government, housing, urban regeneration, planning and fire and rescue. We have responsibility for all community cohesion related issues in England and for building regulations, fire safety and some housing issues in England and Wales.

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Council homes reserved for the workers
Around 20 per cent of council-owned houses in Southend are to be reserved for people who have jobs

''Firm up councils' health equality duty''
The lack of statutory duty on local authorities to reduce health inequalities is worrying, says Lord Victor Adebowale

Rochdale council loses data on 18,000 residents
Council breaches data laws after losing memory stick with data on thousands of people, says ICO

£1.4bn ''boost'' for Scotland's infrastructure
A building programme is said to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds and create over 17,000 new jobs

Localism: disjointed... ad hoc... idiosyncratic
A senior Labour MP claims the coalition's inconsistent approach to decentralisation is alienating local authorities


Why can't health and social care get it together?
Integration is the buzz word but the introduction of commissioning into the NHS and further budgets cuts in local government and health will undermine any attempts at making the system work better, argues Blair McPherson

Youngsters at work on a graffiti wall at Hackney's Crib projectChallenging youth behaviour: time for a different approach?
Traditional youth services are under pressure not just from cuts, but a belief in some quarters that they did nothing to challenge the attitudes and behaviour that fed into the summer riots, Chris Ames reports

Can-do Canada
The Canadian Government is dedicated to building a genuine knowledge-based economy, as Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear explains