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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Defra's over-arching purpose is to secure a healthy environment in which we and future generations can prosper. Its priorities are to:
  • Secure a healthy natural environment for us all and deal with environmental risks
  • Promote a sustainable, low-carbon and resource-efficient economy
  • Ensure a thriving farming sector and a sustainable, healthy and secure food supply
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''Where's the strategy for regeneration?''
The coalition has no adequate strategy to tackle the most deprived communities, MPs have said

Government launches G-Cloud strategy
Government 'committed' to cloud computing to create agile, cost effective and environmentally sustainable ICT

NHS patients ''very satisfied'' with ISTCs
Independent sector treatment centres have patient outcomes at least as good as those of NHS providers

Public Services Bill flies through to report stage
The Bill is a ''no brainer'' that could give credibility to the Big Society, says Social Enterprise UK

Sharing a chief exec will save ''a pot full''
Derek Myers, chief executive of Kensington & Chelsea, is also in the same post at Hammersmith & Fulham


Youngsters at work on a graffiti wall at Hackney's Crib projectChallenging youth behaviour: time for a different approach?
Traditional youth services are under pressure not just from cuts, but a belief in some quarters that they did nothing to challenge the attitudes and behaviour that fed into the summer riots, Chris Ames reports

Can children ever be safe on social networking sites? Elisabeth Staksrud, of the University of Oslo, and the LSE's Professor Sonia Livingstone explore practical policy challenges

Can-do Canada
The Canadian Government is dedicated to building a genuine knowledge-based economy, as Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear explains