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The Department of Health exists to improve the health and wellbeing of people in England.

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Satisfaction with the NHS sees record fall
British Social Attitudes Survey says that 58 per cent are satisfied compared with last year's 64 per cent

App to identify dementia sufferers
Touch screen tool to help address major gaps in dementia diagnosis in Walsall

NHS pays out £98m for its mistakes
Health service paid out £98m in 2010/11 to patients whose conditions were misdiagnosed

Scottish independence a ''false choice''
Labour had been too reluctant and nervous to talk about national identity in England, said Ed Miliband

Legionella outbreak claims more victims
There have been 51 confirmed or suspected cases of people with Legionnaires' disease in Edinburgh


Who will lead the metamorphosis?
The answers to enduring problems in the NHS can no longer be provided by 'doing what we already do but doing it better'. The emphasis has shifted to what can be done completely differently, says Simon Mosey

The deal's done, but what's in our hand?
The NHS has endured a gruelling 18 months of hiatus and distraction, right at the point when we most need certainty and clarity. While reforms lack staff support, no one can afford them to fail, says Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation

SeddonThe evidence is clear – but not at Whitehall
Whitehall is a policy-making machine that only accepts evidence that fits the story already being told, says Professor John Seddon, who wants public service leaders to ignore the centre and innovate to do what works