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Scottish Government

The devolved government for Scotland is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport.

The Scottish Government was known as the Scottish Executive when it was established in 1999 following the first elections to the Scottish Parliament. The current administration was formed after elections in May 2007.

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£1.4bn ''boost'' for Scotland's infrastructure
A building programme is said to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds and create over 17,000 new jobs

Fish farms could be hit by ban
Salmon farming could be banned from some areas around the coast of Scotland in a bid to protect wild fish from the impact of sea lice

Scottish police win praise
Scotland's eight regional police forces have won praise for achieving a reduction in reported crime alongside significant financial savings

UK ''could learn lessons'' from Scotland
Whitehall and Westminster have much to learn from Scotland's efficient and streamlined model of government

Scotland awards eProcurement contract
£18.5m deal made to deliver the Scottish government's eProcurement Scotland service


Who will police the politicians?
Professor Richard Kerley looks at coalition proposals that dramatically challenge some long standing traditions and features of the UK's policing system

Double trouble: it's not a healthy situation
The SNP government's decision not to impose NHS spending cuts in Scotland this year is simply storing up problems for the future, Scottish health experts have warned. Maureen Ferrier reports

From Farming to Funding
Lord Ewen Cameron of Dillington, Chair of the Global Food Security Strategy Advisory Board examines the issue of food security