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Welsh Assembly

The Welsh Assembly Government is the devolved Government for Wales. We are working to help improve the lives of people in Wales and make our nation a better place in which to live and work.

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Welsh NHS ''faces huge four-year challenge''
A public sector funding gap of up to £570m by 2013/14 could mean cuts to non priority services and jobs

Whitehall invests £56.9m in Welsh broadband
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt urges Welsh government to match the multi-million pound broadband investment

Devolved governments invest more in broadband
More funding for broadband has been announced by devolved authorities in both Wales and Northern Ireland

''End complacency and poor performance''
Wales' local government minister Carl Sargeant attacked councils as he pushed ahead on public service reform

'Politics won't obstruct shared services'
Political resistance to shared services will be overcome by public sector funding pressure, Socitm has said


''Let's change people's lives''
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman told the Labour Party Conference that the party had ''challenged the unspoken orthodoxies that have governed Britain for too long''. Here's her speech

Gwent's cheif constable says she will save frontline officers through the PSBA public sector networkKeeping police on the beat through a Welsh PSN
Technology in the police service can save time and lives, says chief constable Carmel Napier. She tells Matthew D'Arcy how a Welsh public sector network will save money, retain frontline officers, and connect Gwent police with public bodies across Wales

Think of the poor returning officer if AV goes through
Manual counts will take longer, more staff will be needed or the same staff used longer, increasing the risk of error, there will be more demands for re-counts and reduced efficiency and accuracy, potentially affecting results, warns Ann-Marie Slavin