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Baroness Warsi

The latest news and articles featuring Baroness Warsi, Minister without Portfolio (Minister of State).

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''Christians should be proud of their faith''
Muslim Cabinet member Baroness Warsi says people should not be ashamed to say that they believed in God

Civil service staff costs ''cut by £60m''
Bonuses to senior civil servants are now restricted to the performers, says Baroness Warsi

AV campaign descends into ''gutter politics''
Lib Dems criticise campaigners against moving to an alternative voting system – the 'No to AV' people

Hague joins campaign against AV
''Our tried and tested voting system is one of our proudest exports,'' says Foreign Secretary

Warsi's poll fraud claims investigated
Police are said to be looking into over 20 cases of voting fraud at the last general election


Do we still 'do God' in government?
David Cameron's multiculturalism speech is said to have represented the culmination of a fierce debate within the coalition. Then Nick Clegg gave a speech challenging the PM's stance. Francis Davis asks: what future then for 'doing God' in government?