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Caroline Flint

The latest news and articles featuring Caroline Flint, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

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Cameron to call for action on energy bills
The Prime Minister David Cameron and the Energy Secretary Chris Huhne are to meet the top six energy companies

Labour leader Ed Miliband reveals his new shadow cabinet
He has promoted six of the 2010 intake, claiming to bring forward ''a new generation of Labour talent''

O'Donnell told PM: ''Rein in your PR people''
Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell wrote to David Cameron after an ''unacceptable'' attack on a public servant

''It's devolution with a gun to the head''
Labour slams Localism Bill which Pickles says gives powerful new rights to communities

Miliband unveils his ''new generation''
Labour leader names 23 new MPs for his shadow frontbench team, many not from the old generation


Flint''We looked like the party of Whitehall, not the town hall''
Shadow communities and local government secretary Caroline Flint told the Labour Party conference that the coalition's idea of localism is central government imposing cuts on local authorities. And she made the obligatory 'Pickles is fat' joke

Chaos theory
Caroline Flint, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, shares her concerns with PPP Journal about the Coalition's mixed messages on localism

An unhappy state of affairs
Current plans for reform of welfare benefits will result in social division, leading to greater inequality, ill-health and crime, says Dr Anne Brunton