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The latest news and articles featuring David Cameron, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service.

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Pensions 'climbdown' doesn't satisfy unions
Public sector unions are still preparing for a national strike, despite the government's moves on pensions

Hague: UK to confront countries that block social media
UK government will not contemplate closing down websites like Twitter and Facebook, says Foreign Secretary

New pension offer ''best on the table''
Unions representing public sector workers are being urged to accept new proposals for pension reform after government officials came up with what they described as

Ministers quizzed over private emails and 'secret channels'
David Cameron and ministers are asked 'what have they got to hide' over private emails and government business

''Governments must not censor internet''
Foreign Secretary uses London Cyberspace conference to call for global, coordinated response to preserving online freedoms


We have to listen to the word on the street
We are living in a society that has become gutless and immoral, led by government that has no vision for young people, says Sheldon Thomas. Politicians have been wasting time – he asks why did it take the looting of shops to open their eyes?

Youngsters at work on a graffiti wall at Hackney's Crib projectChallenging youth behaviour: time for a different approach?
Traditional youth services are under pressure not just from cuts, but a belief in some quarters that they did nothing to challenge the attitudes and behaviour that fed into the summer riots, Chris Ames reports

The Big Society: a new direction for the third sector?
Actually, David Cameron's ''great passion'' might not be such a big deal after all, writes Professor Pete Alcock from the University of Birmingham