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Dominic Grieve

The latest news and articles featuring Dominic Grieve, Attorney-General.

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''Legal aid cuts could damage justice''
Courts could be clogged with people trying to represent themselves, says the Attorney General

Grieve: 'Facebook could threaten jury trials'
Misuse of social media sites like Facebook could result in the loss of jury trial, the Attorney General has warned

'Twitter users could face fines or prison'
Individuals using Twitter to break privacy injunctions could face legal action, Attorney General Dominic Grieve has said

Lib Dem MP ''used privilege to flout law''
John Hemming is criticised for naming in the Commons a footballer he says has a privacy injunction in place

PM calls for fresh look at social media laws
MPs need to re-examine laws governing social media after recent reports on super-injunctions, David Cameron has said


CameronCameron: 'I want to put Britain back on her feet'
The Conservative leader told delegates at the party conference in Manchester that if he was in power he would roll back 'big government' in favour of a 'stronger society, stronger families and stronger communities'