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Labour leader Ed Miliband reveals his new shadow cabinet
He has promoted six of the 2010 intake, claiming to bring forward ''a new generation of Labour talent''

Big name Scots MPs must fight for survival
Plans to cut the number of Scottish seats in the UK parliament from 59 to 52 have been unveiled by the Boundary Commission

Harris could bid to lead Labour in Scotland
Glasgow South MP Tom Harris said it was ''truly bizarre'' that there had not been an immediate leadership campaign

Miliband wants to choose shadow cabinet
The Labour leader wants to scrap the practice of members being elected by MPs every two years

No export controls on web blocking tools
British companies free to export internet blocking software to countries that would restrict access, Foreign Secretary reveals


Gordon Brown: 'This election will be about social mobility'
The Tories are abandoning the middle classes, according to the Prime Minister. 'They have planned a raid on the quality of life of our middle class and ours is the only party that will protect and not squeeze that mainstream middle,' he said

haiti earthquake'Every hour matters' for survivors of earthquake
But there will be a long term effort after the earthquake in Haiti, Douglas Alexander promises as the UK prepares to send out an assessment team to the disaster area where around 100,000 people are thought to have died, including 200 UN workers

Douglas AlexanderAlexander: 'We need to demand more from UK aid'
Writing for Public Servant, International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander explains why plans to increase the amount of aid Britain gives to the world's poorest countries offers benefits to us all