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George Osborne

The latest news and articles featuring George Osborne, current Chancellor of the Exchequer. Appointed in May 2010, he has also been the Member of Parliament for Tatton since 2001.

George Osborne NEWS

Benefits could be frozen to save £10bn
The Chancellor is said to be looking at ways to prevent the cost of funding benefits from rising

Science budget freeze ''welcome news''
Imran Khan tells delegates at Public Service Events' SciTech 2011 that George Osborne had protected science

HM Treasury wants cyber security culture
Ministers attempting to develop a culture of staff awareness of cyber risks in an attempt to tackle threats

Huhne: wind farm critics ''curmudgeons''
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne makes what has been interpreted as an attack on the Chancellor

''We will move into calmer, brighter seas''
''Together we will ride out the storm,'' the Chancellor George Osborne told the Conservative Party conference


PoundsCutting costs, not corners
BSIA Chief Executive James Kelly investigates how new technology facilitated by tax credits can lead to increased savings for businesses

Gordon BanksGrowth from SME seeds
Shadow BIS Minister Gordon Banks hails small and medium-sized businesses as the lifeblood of a thriving economy, urging the government not to neglect their potential

Halfon says fuel costs are harming the economy and so do 100,000 in his e-petitionRocketing petrol and diesel prices are a poverty trap
Petrol bills are crippling our economy, writes Conservative MP Robert Halfon. With his 100,000 strong e-petition for lower petrol prices gaining a full debate in the Commons, he wants the government to listen