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Harriet Harman

The latest news and articles featuring Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

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Labour leader Ed Miliband reveals his new shadow cabinet
He has promoted six of the 2010 intake, claiming to bring forward ''a new generation of Labour talent''

Riots mean ''police cuts should stop''
The riots have shown the importance of police numbers but the government is refusing to reconsider cuts, says Labour

Public servants need "discipline and fear"
Oliver Letwin incurs wrath of public sector unions by seeming to say public sector is more productive if fear is a factor

Ipsa chairman bats away criticisms
The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority's Sir Ian Kennedy rejects MPs' concerns

Equality Act checks ''waste millions''
''Ludicrous and pointless'' assessments will waste around £100m in the next year ... say Tory MPs


'Hague' by Rory BaxterHague: ''No more excessive borrowing and debt''
William Hague has told the Conservative Party conference in Manchester that money promised by the last Labour Government never existed and the coalition has been left with the task of telling people the truth

''Let's change people's lives''
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman told the Labour Party Conference that the party had ''challenged the unspoken orthodoxies that have governed Britain for too long''. Here's her speech

''This Budget will throw people out of work and harm vital public services''
Not surprisingly, Harriet Harman, acting Leader of the Labour Party, criticised the emergency Budget. But here are the reactions of many other key figures in the public sector