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The latest news and articles featuring Ivan Lewis, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

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Labour leader Ed Miliband reveals his new shadow cabinet
He has promoted six of the 2010 intake, claiming to bring forward ''a new generation of Labour talent''

UK not a 'global force' with current broadband
Next generation broadband central to gaining commercial opportunities, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said

Government broadband target quizzed
No government target set to deliver high-speed broadband to a specific proportion of the UK population, Hunt says

Cameron: rural broadband 'absolutely vital'
Prime Minister emphasises importance of improving broadband infrastructure in rural areas to help businesses grow

Local councils to bid for broadband
Rural areas could benefit from locally managed broadband development, as part of government next gen broadband plans


''We should celebrate cultural excellence''
... and sport should be seen as a health policy, an education policy, an economic policy and a community cohesion policy, the shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis told the Labour party conference. Here's his speech