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The latest news and articles featuring Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.

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Jeremy Hunt to ask Google to crack down on pirate websites

Hunt to ask Google to hit pirate sites
Government to ask for Google's help in a crack down on websites that flout copyright laws, it has been reported

Hunt warned about bureaucratic anti-piracy
Anti-piracy campaigners 'cautiously welcome' calls for search engines to block sites that break rules

Green Party urges digital SME boost
All government contracts valued at less than £100,000 should be given to SMEs says Caroline Lucas

Scotland broadband funding 'falls short'
The UK's £68.8m investment in Scotland's broadband is unrealistic, the Scottish government has said

£363m broadband fund for England and Scotland
But some are still concerned UK ambitions lag behind other European countries, despite hundreds of millions invested


online copyright theft could cost billions say FASTPolicing the web is not straightforward
Reflecting on Jeremy Hunt's recent call for search engines to make life difficult for websites that break copyright rules, Julian Heathcote-Hobbins considers the challenges set against the potential £218bn annual cost of online piracy

''We should celebrate cultural excellence''
... and sport should be seen as a health policy, an education policy, an economic policy and a community cohesion policy, the shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis told the Labour party conference. Here's his speech

keyboardBroadband revolution needs clarity
The broadband revolution is vital to the prosperity of a future Britain, but the government must clarify a number of issues, including how they are going to fund their pledges, the Communication Management Association's David Harrington tells Matthew D'Arcy….