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The latest news and articles featuring John Healey, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

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Labour leader Ed Miliband reveals his new shadow cabinet
He has promoted six of the 2010 intake, claiming to bring forward ''a new generation of Labour talent''

Healey: attempts to block health reforms have been ''hampered''
Ex shadow health secretary John Healey says he is relying on Liberal Democrat Lords to derail the health bill

The shadow cabinet reshuffle begins, Denham and Healey quit
Shadow business secretary John Denham and shadow health secretary John Healey have already stepped down

Doctors urge Lords to reject Health Bill
Around 400 specialists have sent the peers a letter saying the reforms in the Bill will do ''irreparable harm''

Ministers ''hid impact of NHS reforms''
John Healey attacks the government for ''slipping out'' details on the cost of the NHS reorganisation


''We need greater change in the NHS''
The health and care system must reform, shadow health secretary John Healey told the Labour Party conference, but he guaranteed Labour would not let any hospital leave the NHS

Much needed NHS reform ''has been set back years''
The government carried out a 'listening exercise' on its NHS reforms and accepted many of the proposals by the NHS Future Forum, but in heeding its critics is the coalition now not doing enough?

What challenges and opportunities does the new public health role for local government provide?
The government's proposed public health reforms have been well received by many regional bodies eager to improve the health and wellbeing of local populations. Yet vital questions remain over how to deliver the Coalition's vision. Public Service Review: Health and Social Care asks an expert panel for their views