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Justine Greening

The latest news and articles featuring Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Transport since October 2011.

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Highway Code app launched for ipad and iphone

Highway Code goes digital on iPad and iPhone
The government has launched a new digital version of the Highway Code in the form of an interactive smartphone app

Don't cut rail staff, TUC urges Greening
Cutting train staff is not the answer to improving rail services, the TUC has told the Transport Secretary

DfT ''will bring down the cost of railways''
The industry will work collaboratively to reduce a £3.5bn 'efficiency gap' by 2019, says Justine Greening

Oyster style smart ticketing to keep rail fares down
Rail users across England and Wales are to get smart ticketing to ease their travel and help keep rail fares down

£8000 grants offered to ''electric van man''
The first vans eligible for the government's new 'plug-in car van grant' have been announced


GreeningA clear line of sight
The way government manages taxpayers' money has to change for the better. Treasury minister Justine Greening reveals a whole new approach to financial management

George Osborne''We will be tough but fair''
The Chancellor George Osborne told the Tory Party conference that he was going to get Britain's ballooning benefits bill back under control while introducing fair play into the financing of the welfare state. Read the full speech here