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Ken Clarke

The latest news and articles featuring Kenneth Clarke, Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice.

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Ministry of Justice loses IT equipment

Hundreds of IT devices lost and stolen from MoJ
Computers, hard drives, smart phones, and hundreds of other IT devices lost or stolen from the Ministry of Justice

Ministers quizzed over private emails and 'secret channels'
David Cameron and ministers are asked 'what have they got to hide' over private emails and government business

Clarke gets tough on violent criminals
Perpetrators of knife crimes face tougher sentences, including automatic life for repeat offences, says Justice Secretary

Cyber 'biggest threat to UK national security'
Cyber attacks pose the biggest threat to national security, with the capacity damage the economy, warns British General

Ken Clarke – more action and better scrutiny needed on cyber security
More must be done by industry and government to address cyber threats, and MPs must be able scrutinise, says Clarke


Ken Clarke photo by Rory BaxterPrison with a purpose – it's not rocket science
Justice needs to be swift, firm and fair, Ken Clarke told the Tory Party conference, adding that prisons need to be places of retribution and places of reform. Here's his speech

Savage or safe? Either way, reforms demand attention
Can public services cope with the break-neck pace of change imposed by the coalition government? Can reforms be delivered in a way that improves rather than hinders services? Tom Gash considers the odds

Nick Herbert''I am not picking a fight with the police''
Police officers do a difficult and dangerous job and we must treat them properly and fairly, says police and criminal justice minister Nick Herbert, But, he tells David Allaby, there needs to be greater transparency and accountability to strengthen the bridge between the police and the public