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Liam Fox

The latest news and articles featuring Liam Fox, former Secretary of State for Defence.

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Coalition plans a register of lobbyists
The government is expected to move ahead with its plans for a compulsory register of lobbyists

Hammond is new Defence Secretary
Former Transport Secretary took over on 14 October following resignation of Dr Liam Fox

Defence Secretary Liam Fox resigns
Resignation comes with 'great sadness' following allegations about relationship with friend Adam Werritty

MP code breaches ''need independent inquiries''
Ex Committee on Standards in Public Life head is ''genuinely surprised'' that Liam Fox is not being investigated independently

Contrite Fox says ''prove my impropriety''
Defence Secretary was accompanied by his best man and ex flatmate on 18 overseas trips and in 22 meetings


Hammond will be swapping trains for tanksCan Philip Hammond stay the course at the MoD?
As the Runnymede and Weybridge MP takes over as Defence Secretary from Liam Fox, editor Joel Shenton asks if Philip Hammond will be able to end the run of instability in this top post

Liam Fox and David Cameron resignation lettersDear David, Dear Liam – the full text of Liam Fox's resignation and David Cameron's reply
Liam Fox has resigned as Defence Secretary. Here's the correspondence with David Cameron

Now is the time to do things differently
Ursula Brennan has the task of achieving a significantly leaner and more efficient Ministry of Defence by the beginning of the next parliament. She tells Joel Shenton she is looking forward to focusing on MoD successes