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Margaret Hodge

The latest news and articles featuring Margaret Hodge MBE MP, Labour politician and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. She has been the MP for Barking since 1994.

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NHS scanners are ''poor value for money''
How the NHS buys and uses equipment such as MRI and CT scanners does not represent value for money, say MPs

Increased overseas aid ''at risk from fraud''
Spending more in fragile and conflict-affected countries could increase fraud and corruption, MPs say

Social workers vent spleen over new 'quango'
British Association of Social Workers has called on the government to explain why it appears to have been sidelined

1 in 5 secondary schools are in deficit
Eighteen per cent of secondary schools were in the red at the end of 2009/10, according to the National Audit Office

''Halt hostilities and boost pensions''
The government should abandon deadlocked public sector pension negotiations, says think tank


Margaret HodgeA passion for clarity
One year on from becoming the first chairwoman in the 150-year history of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge tells Iain Robinson of her commitment to break the cycle of shocking waste in Whitehall

What needs to be done to improve NHS procurement?
In these straitened times, with the health service required to find billions in efficiency savings, shrewd purchasing is more important than ever. Public Service Review: Health and Social Care asks a panel of experts for their views on finding better value in procurement

Hodge''We must raise our game and make a difference''
According to the first female chair of the Public Accounts Committee Margaret Hodge, ''there is an awful lot of difference to make'' and she wants future committee sessions to be ''constructive exchanges'' without witnesses put on the defensive