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The latest news and articles featuring Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, Lord President of the Council.

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Benefits could be frozen to save £10bn
The Chancellor is said to be looking at ways to prevent the cost of funding benefits from rising

Ministers quizzed over private emails and 'secret channels'
David Cameron and ministers are asked 'what have they got to hide' over private emails and government business

EU referendum plan falls at first hurdle
The attempt to hold a referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union was defeated 483 to 111

UK in 'blind panic' on EU referendum
Bringing the Commons debate forward 'smacks of blind panic', UKIP's Nigel Farage has claimed

Immigrant child detention is ''excessive''
Data suggests ''we now need to focus on detention at points of entry'', says home affairs committee chair


UK helping EU to block transparencyUK helping Brussels to block EU transparency
A number of member states, including the UK, are standing in the way of open and accountable governance at the EU level, writes Pamela Bartlett

Cameron''It's going to be tough but I'm optimistic''
Let's turn this time of challenge into a time of opportunity, the Prime Minister David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Here's his full speech

'Hague' by Rory BaxterHague: ''No more excessive borrowing and debt''
William Hague has told the Conservative Party conference in Manchester that money promised by the last Labour Government never existed and the coalition has been left with the task of telling people the truth