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vince cable apologises after documents dumped in recycling bags

Vince Cable sorry for 'unacceptable' privacy breach
Business Secretary takes 'full responsibility' after constituents' private details found in recycling bags

Letwin dumped government papers in park
Downing Street says there was nothing classified but adds: ''It's not a sensible way to dispose of documents''

Deficit reduction ''is not the full answer''
We have to make ourselves more competitive than the rest of the world, said policy chief Oliver Letwin

Public servants need "discipline and fear"
Oliver Letwin incurs wrath of public sector unions by seeming to say public sector is more productive if fear is a factor

''The old public services dogma has gone''
The PM has revealed plans for massive overhaul of the public sector in the Open Public Services White Paper


Taking a closer look at plans for public service reform
The lukewarm reaction to the Public Services White Paper was probably because the government had already announced most of its public sector reforms. But should it be put on a shelf or should its contents be scrutinised? Simon Parker plumps for the latter

Oliver LetwinPublic services are fantastic – but we can do much better
Choice, decentralisation, diversity, fair access and accountability are the keystones to the Open Public Services White Paper, Oliver Letwin explained to MPs in the House of Commons. Here is the full speech

Do we still 'do God' in government?
David Cameron's multiculturalism speech is said to have represented the culmination of a fierce debate within the coalition. Then Nick Clegg gave a speech challenging the PM's stance. Francis Davis asks: what future then for 'doing God' in government?