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The latest news and articles featuring Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary.

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Hammond is new Defence Secretary
Former Transport Secretary took over on 14 October following resignation of Dr Liam Fox

Motorway speed limits could rise to 80mph
The idea has been called an empty gesture that would benefit no-one but could increase pollution and accidents

Utility companies face roadworks fines
Companies that dig up busy roads during peak times might have to pay up to £2,500 a day, says Philip Hammond

Some rail fares ''could rise by 13 per cent''
Rail watchdog says that from January 2012 rail users will face the first of three years of inflation-busting fare rises

HS2 ''meant to win Tories votes in north''
The high-speed rail link from the south to the north is said to be designed to win votes for the Conservative Party


Hammond will be swapping trains for tanksCan Philip Hammond stay the course at the MoD?
As the Runnymede and Weybridge MP takes over as Defence Secretary from Liam Fox, editor Joel Shenton asks if Philip Hammond will be able to end the run of instability in this top post

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond in the cab of a high-speed trainHigh-speed rail: an investment in future prosperity
A national high-speed rail network could boost Britain's economic output by between £17bn and £29bn a year, says Julie Mills, who argues that the up front costs should be seen as an investment rather than a drain on resources

Bob HollowayPublic sector pensions face radical reform
Increasing employee contributions, raising retirement ages, making public service cuts or increasing council tax are all options to have been highlighted by experts as ways of paying for public sector pension scheme shortfalls. Bob Holloway, who manages the Local Government Pension Scheme, outlines his views on the way forward