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The latest news and articles featuring Sir George Young, Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal.

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ministers quizzed over private emails and official government business

Ministers quizzed over private emails and 'secret channels'
David Cameron and ministers are asked 'what have they got to hide' over private emails and government business

MPs fail to discuss e-petition on criminals' benefits during riots debate
Government says it can't tell MPs how to represent public concerns, after 247,000 people are forgotten in the riots debate

Riots and Hillsborough e-petitions get debates
MPs agree to debate the two e-petitions, but the government has still given none of its time for e-petition debates

PM 'wrong' to confirm debate on rioters' benefits
PM says e-petition with over 100,000 signatures will get debate, but influential MP warns 'he got that wrong'

'E-petitions risk false public expectations'
The government has failed to allocate any time to debate issues from its new e-petitions site, an influential MP has warned


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