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Vince Cable

The latest news and articles featuring Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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vince cable apologises after documents dumped in recycling bags

Vince Cable sorry for 'unacceptable' privacy breach
Business Secretary takes 'full responsibility' after constituents' private details found in recycling bags

Government funds to save Stoke jobs after Prince Charles visit
Prince announces multi million pound funding for British pottery industry

Cable: 'Britain still has outstanding manufacturing companies'
Business Secretary calls on businesses to transform outdated manufacturing opinions

''There must be no reward for failure''
Companies should be transparent over what they pay their top executives, the Business Secretary Vince Cable said

Cable: ''Banking reforms will go ahead''
But CBI director general John Cridland says ''Taking action at this moment is just to me barking mad''


Gordon BanksGrowth from SME seeds
Shadow BIS Minister Gordon Banks hails small and medium-sized businesses as the lifeblood of a thriving economy, urging the government not to neglect their potential

''Not easy, but right''
Speaking at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tried his very best to encourage party members to feel good about being in government. Here is his full speech

''It isn't easy being in a coalition government''
Governing in coalition with a party you have opposed all your political life isn't easy, the minister for employment relations, consumer and postal affairs Ed Davey said as he unveiled plans to ''transform'' post offices