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The Conservatives have promised to do six things:
  • Act now on debt to get the economy moving
  • Get Britain working by boosting enterprise
  • Make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe
  • Back the NHS
  • Raise standards in schools
  • Change politics
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EU referendum plan falls at first hurdle
The attempt to hold a referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union was defeated 483 to 111

Cameron to urge EU referendum block
The PM is expected to tell his party next week there should be no vote on UK membership of the European Union

Hague: ''Don't hold your breath on EU''
The Foreign Secretary warns his party not to expect any significant changes in the EU in the near future

''Our plan will only work if we stick with it''
But this economic crisis is like no other and people need to be told how bad it is, David Cameron said

''Truly putting patients at heart of NHS''
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced personal health budgets for 50,000 people


Cameron''I yearn for fundamental reform of the EU''
When your neighbour's house is on fire, your first impulse should be to help him put out the flames, not least to stop them reaching your own house, David Cameron told the House of Commons before the EU referendum vote

Cameron''It's going to be tough but I'm optimistic''
Let's turn this time of challenge into a time of opportunity, the Prime Minister David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Here's his full speech

Ken Clarke photo by Rory BaxterPrison with a purpose – it's not rocket science
Justice needs to be swift, firm and fair, Ken Clarke told the Tory Party conference, adding that prisons need to be places of retribution and places of reform. Here's his speech