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The Liberal Democrats have promised to enact change in six key ways:
  • Making real commitments to stop climate change
  • A sustainable, green economy for Britain
  • A healthcare system fit for the 21st century
  • More police on the streets to reduce crime
  • Cutting class sizes and scrapping tuition fees
  • Putting passengers first and improving mobility
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EU referendum plan falls at first hurdle
The attempt to hold a referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union was defeated 483 to 111

Healey: attempts to block health reforms have been ''hampered''
Ex shadow health secretary John Healey says he is relying on Liberal Democrat Lords to derail the health bill

Huhne to ''get tough'' with power firms
The Energy Secretary wants a better deal from British Gas, E.On, EDF, Npower, Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern

''We are targeting the tax evaders''
The Liberal Democrats have signalled their eagerness to tackle those who line their pockets

Lib Dems to continue attack on Health Bill
But party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected to insist that no more changes will be made


''Not easy, but right''
Speaking at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tried his very best to encourage party members to feel good about being in government. Here is his full speech

''It isn't easy being in a coalition government''
Governing in coalition with a party you have opposed all your political life isn't easy, the minister for employment relations, consumer and postal affairs Ed Davey said as he unveiled plans to ''transform'' post offices

LambDetermined to take the risks of reform
Norman Lamb, right-hand man to the Deputy Prime Minister, tells Dean Carroll that the Lib Dems are not looking for short-term popularity – and why he's not afraid of a bit of grime